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When  I first started this line I had no idea about the fashion industry.  I just loved to sew and had extra time on my hands (Maternity Leave). Taking  textiles in high school it quickly became my Happy Place.  

   Since making this company my Full time career,Ive learnt ( and still learning) a lot about the Fast Fashion industry.  The good, bad and well most of it Ugly side of the clothing available these days.  

 I am determined to create beautiful heirloom pieces that is not only Ethical and sustainable but also free from harmful chemicals. 



Using  Oeko-Tex Fabrics  that we source from a family run business in Montreal Canada. 


Every Piece is Handmade  Right here in Alberta Canada. Brittani sews each and every item herself during quiet time. 


Each style and fabric is chosen with the idea of being a keepsake or being passed down. 


Any remaining fabric not big enough to make clothing gets sorted to make our accessories. Allowing for very minimum waste 

Oeko-Tex is certified products have been tested for harmful substances to protect your health.

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