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About Oakley Rae Handmade

Brittani Always knew she was created the way she was for a reason. Often called the " under dog" she has and still faces many unique challenges.  

Born with Two holes in her heart, Brittani has faced learning delays  and physical limitations.  She Was also Born with a rare eye-disorder that makes her feel self-conscious.  

Now as a mom of two, Brittani is determine to inspire her children and others that no matter what life throughs your way you can still thrive. 

Brittani Sews every piece herself.  Putting her heart into every Stitch. 

" When wearing ORH i want you to feel inspired, unstoppable and ready to take on the world" - Brittani 

The definition of Heirloom: "a valuable object that has belonged to a family for several generations".

Brittani has made sure her designs & materials would be just that - well made timeless clothing. 

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