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Who We Are

 & Our Story

Partners in Life, Colby and I first met online. Our first date resulted in hours of effortless conversation. We both quickly realized that each others values & morals lined up like a dream. 

Fast Forward one year - we welcomed our first child, Oakley Rae in March 2019. The birth of our daughter sparked the creative flame in me (Brittani), so during maternity leave I started creating pieces for my line.  


Oakley Rae Handmade was officially launched March 2020. 

We Welcomed our second Child Ryles William in March of 2021! A perfect, healthy baby boy to add to our growing family. 

Today our days are filled with raising two charming children, growing ORH, while Colby works in Construction.



 Each and every sale goes to support our  little family. We involve our children in this small shop as much as we can. From modelling, Picking out fabrics/ Styles too  production. This is truly a family run shop 

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